Monster in the Forest – Animation

During my art course I had to make a Stop Motion Animation.

The Stop Motion technique involves taking lots of pictures of a scene while the “actors” move around it. The photos are then linked together to create a movie.

This technique is most famously used by animators such as Aardman Animation

In my movie the actors are small plasticine models and the scene is a simple forest scene which I painted for this project.

I used a simple digital camera on a tripod to take a series of still photos. In between each photo I moved the characters slightly so they played out the story.

Once I had my images I uploaded them onto a computer and converted them from JPEG image type to GIF image type. I then linked the pictures into an animation. I used GIMP software for all the image manipulation.

The story goes like this:

Turtle and Deer are going for a walk into the forest.
They see Mrs Duck who is having her morning swim.
They stop to say hello.
Turtle see’s a monster coming out of the forest.
Mrs Duck is very afraid because this monster eats ducks.
Deer is also afraid but only sits down.
But Turtle is very brave. He runs to the edge of the pond and jumps in.
He chases the monster back into the forest and saves Mrs Duck.

Click the image to watch the movie:

Monster in the Forest

Monster in the Forest

Now I look back at my work and consider the scene and the characters I have some points I think I could improved on: I think I made the scene too dark, and in some cases the colour of the characters is also dark and similar to the scene. And also the characters are quite small in relation to the overall animation image size. These points combine to make the animation less clear than it could be.