My Ragi (tempeh starter) has arrived!

My Ragi (tempeh starter) has arrived!


Tempeh Starter Yeast (Ragi)

Yeay! My tempeh starter pack has arrived!


As I posted on the 3rd April I requested a small trial pack from

Well amazingly it got to me in the UK from Belgium after just 4 working days – impressive service…

So today I will start (again 🙁 ) the process to try to make tempeh…  say hello to the water soya beans!

The web site has some details about to do it which are not the same as the one I used in my other failed fermenation efforts. There are books about making tempeh and I thought about getting one, but for this time I will follow the instructions from the ragi supplier exactly.

I’ll let you know how it turns out in a few days!


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